Esoterica - (Beautiful Chaos)

I went on to create over twenty plus sets for that theater.  From the elaborate prison stones in Man of LaMancha, to the fun and whimsical Disney’s Mulan, Jr.


Being self-taught and raw at my craft, each time I would finish an elaborate forty foot wall, I would stand back in awe and wonder, ‘How?’  And I would look above and utter, “thank you.”


Out of necessity for a high school musical, I then went on to develop a passion for air brushing.  The director needed a scene painted on a curtain.  This was new.  During discussing how this might be accomplished, I remembered the air brush artists on the beaches, local carnivals, etc.  And I said, “well, the only thing I can think of would be to airbrush?  But I’ve never airbrushed.” And she said something so profound to me that it has stayed with me to this day: “Well, she said with a smile, every expert was once a beginner.”  And with that, I painted my first airbrushed scene on a thirty-foot wide curtain.


I paint what inspires me.  I don’t know why any certain subject inspires me.  I just see something, and suddenly think, “THAT needs to be painted!”  Sometimes it takes me a couple of years to finally get around to painting it…but it’s always there…. formulating in the back of my mind. And eventually, it manifests itself.

I would like to extend a warm “thank you,” to Cite´ des Arts, who opens their doors to artists from all walks of life to showcase their creativity.  What an amazing opportunity.


So, to anyone who perhaps has never had an art lesson in their life and thinks, “I wonder if I can paint that?”  Pick up a brush and let your imagination have fun.  You just never know where it might take you.

Running 2nd Saturday Artwalk - (June 12, 2021)  Showing ends August 1, 2021.


Welcome to my world. My art is as eclectic and diverse as all 200+ of my personalities.  (Which happen to come in quite handy as an actor.)

I was not always an artist.  In fact, the first time someone referred to me as “an artist” it sounded quite foreign to my ears.


I prefer large-scale painting.  You know, like 40-foot theater walls. But that isn’t always an option, so I’ve adjusted to the size that will fit inside my art studio.  I didn’t know this about myself until I was assisting on a set of which I had a bit part. The director needed someone to paint a ‘town scene” across the back wall.  ‘I’ll do it!” I chirped up.  A friend of mine looked at me in disbelief.  “Are you sure you know what you are getting yourself into? You’ve only been painting for a couple of months.  Maybe you should ask a more “well-known” local artist if he has the time to do this?”  I glared at him with a determined intensity.  “Oh, ye of little faith,” I steamed. 

The director of that play took a chance on an unknown, and that was the beginning of my love affair with painting. I did learn a lot about “perspective” during the painting of this set, and we had to open up the set more because my buildings were…. well, we’ll save that for another story.  But in the end, it was my first set, my first love and my first success as a set artist.

Matilda Jr. 
KPAC Matilda JR Image.jpg

Kidz Performing Arts Company presents _Matilda JR. _Performances are June 18 through 27 at Cité des Arts (109 Vine St., Downtown Lafayette).

Friday and Saturday performances are at 7:30 p.m. with Sunday matinees at 2 p.m.


Rebellion is nigh in Matilda JR., a gleefully witty ode to the anarchy of childhood and the power of imagination, based on the story by Roald Dahl! This musical story of a girl who dreams of a better life and the children she inspires will have audiences rooting for the "revolting children" who are out to teach the grown-ups a lesson. Matilda has astonishing wit, intelligence, and even special powers!


She's unloved by her cruel parents but impresses her schoolteacher, the highly lovable Miss Honey. However, Matilda’s school life isn't completely smooth sailing as the school's mean headmistress, Miss Trunchbull, hates children and just loves thinking up new punishments for those who don't abide by her rules. But Matilda has courage and cleverness in equal amounts and could be her classmates’ saving grace!

The cast of 37 ranges from age 7 to 16 and rehearses during a rigorous two-week production camp to present the musical for a two-weekend run.


This production is directed by Travis Guillory and Madelyn Kelly with vocal direction by Abby Boudreaux.

Tickets are $12 and available FOR ADVANCE PURCHASE ONLY  at

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