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Pride Acadiana Queer Film Festival

Start your PRIDE MONTH  with the Pride Acadiana Queer Film Fest, presented by Warped Witch Cinema and Acadiana Queer collective.  Our vision is to connect and support the Acadiana LGBTQ+ community so that all queer people feel included and valued.  Our festival will showcase two full blocks of short films that incorporate queer stories from filmmakers of the South.

June 3


Did a New Orleans mobster engineer the assassination of a Kennedyesque president of the United States in the 1960s?  Mark Leonard’s new play, The French Quarter Connection, asks this question and goes one step further, revealing how this president’s legendary brother, an Irish-Catholic senator from New York, tried to cut a deal years later with the Sicilian-born mobster so he could run for the presidency.  The French Quarter Connection focuses not so much on a parallel to the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, but the personal and brutal conflict between a politician based on Robert F. Kennedy and a fictional mafia boss with a French Quarter address.

June 8 - 18

Good Time Rock Retreat
GTRR flyer.png

Are you a closet rocker? Have you ever wanted to be up on stage losing your mind while the audience loses theirs? Perhaps you thought you weren't good enough or that your time had passed to pursue this childhood fantasy....NOPE!

Check out the Good Time Rock Retreat - a summer rock for adults...YOU!

June 30 - July 8

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