Please Help Save Cite des Arts...

We are in Trouble!  


Cite des Arts has been open for 18 years and have had some lean years, but never like this!  We have been threatened by eviction and have survived so far, but if we don’t raise $40,000 there is a strong possibility that we will have to close our doors!  We owe back rent and are struggling to pay utilities and the one salary that we do have.
We have had one production since the pandemic started and due to restrictions, we were only able to have less than full capacity.  This has not only hit Cite des Arts, but all the actors and directors from our community that utilize our space.
We have productions from 2020 that are ready to go including our new Cajun Christmas Carol that we are hoping to make an annual event and tradition for families.  We also have plans for a big fundraiser in the Fall of 2021.  But this does not help us now.
Can you help us?  Again, we are trying to raise $40,000 for back rent and other ongoing expenses until we can begin providing the community with productions and other events.
You can make a one-time donation or a recurring donation by going to

POSTPONED - The Weaning Process

The Weaning Process is a local improv troupe that experiments in both short and long forms. Every Second Saturday ArtWalk, they bring you a show with a new theme, format, or gimmick. Don't miss the fun!

8:00 p.m. every Second Saturday ArtWalk

109 Vine St, Lafayette, LA 70501

(337) 291-1122

Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday/ Sunday: times vary check calendar


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